The idea

My name is Edwin van der Cruijsen and having over 25 years experience on many deer farms and having seen many different deer crushes, I decided to build one myself together with my colleague Theo Derix.

We made a list of all the good points and not so good points from the other systems we had seen and then we designed a deer crush which we think functions perfectly!

Crush for fallowdeer

We do, however, supply specific deer crushes for fallow deer which are of a very strong construction and virtually maintenance-free. These are manually controlled and very easy to work with.

Automatic Crush

The crush is made in 2 moveable parts (which move separately) and there is no rail on the ground where the deer would walk. The height of the deer crush can be adjusted to handle various sizes for the different species of deer.
Not only is our deer crush electric, which means it is almost noiseless, but it also operated by remote control so that you can control it from any suitable vantage point.
Space required to install:
Length: 2,5m Width: 4m Height: 3m
Electricity: 380v
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